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Your all-inclusive life in nature, close to the city.

A sustainable, designer private home. Some damn cool huge common areas. An all-inclusive flexible membership and a community of deeply-connected individuals.

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Climb the waitlist to access early reservations. The first 100 will get a free 2-day stay & the chance to be our first inhabitants.

Privacy & community, carefully balanced.

Enjoy the comfort of your own private home and stop by the carefully placed common areas when you feel like it.

Utilities, cleaning & maintenance, all on us.

Enjoy your newfound lifestyle hassle-free, we take care of everything else, for real.

Nature, all around you.

Live nature full-time and easily commute to the nearby town when the city calls.

A deeply-connected group of individuals.

Surround yourself with a group of handpicked, likeminded people to connect with.

One, super-flexible membership.

All you need for a hassle-free life in nature. Easily request a transfer and move to a different site.

As low of an impact as possible.

An awareness of our planet and its limited resources was at the core of our design and strategic choices.

Leave behind your polluted, cementified neighborhood.

+20.000 m2

of fully-accessible nature, all around you.

Well-connected nonetheless.

Reach the city with the nearby public transportation or take advantage of our car sharing & rental deals at any moment.


Unwind in your private, fully-equipped idyllic environment and make it your own.

Take full-appreciation of the natural surroundings in the comfort of your own home and whenever you feel like it, reach the nearby common areas.
Full-size kitchen with double induction hob, top-freezer fridge, ample storage for favorite recipes, a 6-person table for work and meals, and a 3-person sofa bed for added comfort.
A well-calibrated balance between privacy & sharing is key. Take fully-care of yourself in a minimal, hassle-free environment.
Quality sleep is crucial. Enjoy your spacious and cozy king-size bed to wake up fully-rested, surrounded by nature.
When you need some alone time away from the common areas, retreat in your own, enclosed, bucolic space and make it yours.


Enjoy the nearby common, whenever you feel like it.

An intentionally designed community hub for deep creative sessions, shared meals, workshops, movie nights and countless yet-to-be-created memories that we hope you will never forget.
All you need whenever you want to share a deep work sesh. Office-quality chairs, power strips everywhere, whiteboards and phone boots included.
A huge restaurant-style refrigerator, all the must-have utensil you can possibly think of, plenty of storage and a spacious common table to enjoy community meals.
The biggest sofa you’ve probably seen in a while and a slick sound & visual system for special events & movie nights, to share some precious time together.
Take a brake, work or have a drink while you get your daily dose of sunlight, completely surrounded by nature.

Events Area

Experience forest-immersed live music & events to the fullest.

Take full-appreciation of the natural surroundings in the comfort of your own designer home and whenever you feel like it, reach the nearby common areas.
Take full-appreciation of the natural surroundings in the comfort of your own designer home and whenever you feel like it, reach the nearby common areas.
Take full-appreciation of the natural surroundings in the comfort of your own designer home and whenever you feel like it, reach the nearby common areas.

Coming Soon

Music Studio

Swimming Pool


One, single, ultra-flexbile membership.







Your full-furnished private home

Utilities, cleaning & maintenance.

Huge work & chill common areas

Ultra-flexible move-in & out.

Endless events & activities.

Housing taxes & registration

Coming soon

World-wide network access.

Coming soon

Return on rent

Coming soon

Community Pass

Still not ready to make the leap? Access private community events, activities & plenty of perks.

Private community events.

Dedicated deals & perks.

Community directory access.

Free for 3 months


A deeply likeminded community.

Enjoy a group of carefully handpicked individuals with whom to share long-lasting memories together, at your own ‘social pace’.

Manage it all, from one app.

Move-in & out

In need of a change? Check the availability of the network and easily request a transfer.

Community directory

Create meaningful relationships with your new handpicked neighbours.

Secure keyless access

Wirelessly access private & common spaces with your phone.

24/7 live support

Whatever happens, just reach out support on the app and we’ll fix it ASAP.

Live & work, everywhere.

We want to create a new standard for people to live and work remotely from all over,simmerse surrounded by nature, with the city always at reach.


Housing is broken.

We believe housing is a core, fundamental human right and, therefore, should be preserved.

A while ago, while camping in our beloved Alps with a couple friends, as it quite often happened we started speculating on how cool it would be to live a nature -immersed life, not only for couple weekends here and there, but permanently.

Any question?

Is it an all-year round solution?

Damn yes, we put a huge effort into carefully designing insulation and heating in order to truly give you a solid alternative to the 'usual way of living.' The whole network, regardless of its geographical location, will always be suitable for permanent use.

How isolated is the private home?

We thoughtfully took care of planning design in order to perfectly balance your need for privacy and your crave for community, how and whenever you please.

So, you guys take care of everything?

That’s right, housing shouldn’t be an hassle after all. All the utilities, cleaning and maintenance are all on us.

Like, how do I make groceries?

Get all you need delivered right at your doors step from our delivery partners or opt for the common garden, where we will grow our own fresh, Km 0 food to sustain the entire community.

Are you pet and family-friendly?

Pets are 100% accepted. However, we are not currently family-ready but definitely aspire to be in the future.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yep, we require a minimum of 3 months, after that, you can stay for as long as you’d like and leave with just 1 month’s notice.

How does the waitlist work?

Sign up, verify your email and share your referral code around as much as possibile to climb up the waitlist. You’ll earn 3 seats for every verified referral.

The first 150 users will be able to deposit 30 min before the official opening time. The first 100 users who deposit will get a free 2-day stay and will be eligible to to be selected as our first inhabitants. Deposits remain 100% refundable until a month before your free stay.

What happens after I've successfully made a deposit?

Once you’ve been able to make a deposit, we will contact you for a quick chat in order to get to know each other and understand if Spation could be the solution you’re looking for. Our top objective is to create a peaceful community of conscious, caring individuals.

If we find fit, you’ll be able to enjoy a free 2-day stay at our site. Right after, you'll be notified about